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Leading Composers

Experience and credibility tend to define our composers who have taken the lead stage in music. 

Membership Criteria

With a small set of procedures and methods, individuals can avail membership if they have it in them. 

Rights & Privileges

Bringing out various forms of criteria grouped to equip an individual to seek the right kind of rights. 

Executive Committee

The group aimed to make matters convenient by bringing out conclusive decisions that lead the way. 

Young Composer Competition

An event formed to test the skills and ability of an individual standing between being an expert and an intermediary. 

Conference & Festival Are Magnificent Events

Events and programs formed to show the world the real power and spirit of music that touches every single one.

Performance Opportunities

Avail an incredible opportunity by showcasing your raw talent that tends to be impressive and skilled.

Official Interests In Musical Composers

Southeastern Turkey
Federation of Composers
Composers Association of New Music
Musical Cultures

Communication Protocol For ACL Festivals

Seek the right form of information that one needs to know about the glorious ACL festivals.

Latest News

  • The greatest classical music composers have made the melodies which are still cherished among the music lovers and artists. Their music still sounds fresh and new every time people hear it. It was their style, skill, and innovation which made them the best classical musicians of all time. If you are a musician yourself, then you must have heard of the names of Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach which consistently appear around the classical music industry. Here is a list of music composers that you should know about.

    Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

    Beethoven was a German pianist and a music composer who many believe as the greatest composer who ever lived. He took the traditional classical music of his teacher Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and added his own touch to create a romantic music list which his successors will carry to the world. He faced progressive deafness as he ages, but his greatest works were only done in his 10 years when he could hardly hear. Ludwig van Beethoven

    Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

    Johann Sebastian Bach was a German organist and a composer who was admired for his talent, but his music was considered old fashioned. It was only in the 19th century when his work was recognized once again calling that era as Bach revival. He was honoured for his greatest compositions including Brandenburg Concertos, The Well-Tempered Clavier, and Suites for Unaccompanied.

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-91)

    Mozart is widely recognized as the greatest composers of Western classical music. He was an Austrian music composer in the classical era. At a very young age, he composed and excelled in all the music genres of his period. He was also rumoured to have an unbelievable ability to play music when he was 3. He was the prodigy of the new music which he started composing at the age of five. Some of his notable compositions include the Marriage of Figaro, Clarinet Quintet in a Major, and Elvira Madigan.

    Johannes Brahms (1833-97)

    Johannes Brahms (1833-97) Johannes Brahms was a pianist and a composer from the romantic period of Germany. He wrote in several genres such as symphonies, concerti, piano world, choral compositions, and chamber music. Many of his works reveal the influence of folk music. He was a disciple of the classical, traditional music and his works showed the same. Some of his best music include Symphony no. 3 in F major, Hungarian Dances, and Wiegenlied.

    Richard Wagner(1813-83)

    Richard Wagner was a German theorist and a composer who is remembered for expanding the opera tradition in Western music. All his dramatic compositions are famous for leitmotifs which is the brief musical motifs for characters, place, or event that he transformed throughout his pieces. His best operas include The Flying Dutchman, Tannhauser, Tristan and Isolde, and Parsifal.                

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  • As much as people like to listen to classical music, they find it troublesome to learn and play it. Most of the people start learning classical music at a very early age to know what they are doing. If you have missed your classes of classical music as a kid, here is a list of the classical music forms that one can learn to play or understand the difference between them while attending a performance.


    When a character in an opera shows off his or her vocal skills while enhancing the storyline. The arias get popular from several operas, and then singers compete with arias from different operas. They are filled with high notes which makes the audience mesmerised and berserk after the performance. the performance


    When a musician gets to show off his skills on the instrument, the solo performance is called Cadenza. In orchestras when the dramatic music ends, a soloist performs technical, lyrical, or interpretive stuff until the conductor brings the whole orchestra to follow the soloist for a great finish. Many cadenzas are prewritten while many artists improvise on the spot.

    Chamber music

    When a small group of instrumentalists perform a part of a performance, it is called chamber music. The chamber music has no conductor, and the players need to coordinate with each other on their own. Many festivals host chamber music with famous soloists coming together to perform. It is like a rock band but with classical instruments.


    Concerto pits a soloist against the whole orchestra. Both the soloist and the orchestra go on to play independently and together in an entertaining and thrilling performance. Every symphony concert will have a concerto where the orchestras feature their best soloists under the highlight.


    Movement is how the entire music performance will take place. After each movement, the instrumentalists tune their instruments for the next performance. The performance goes fast and slow based on each part of the performance. If you are in the audience and it seems like the instrumentalists are packing their instruments, do not worry. They will start the next set soon after. Movement


    Sonata is a solo instrumental composition that is performed in a piano or with a piano. It is written is three to four moments and have a pretty long list of notes to memorize. It is a difficult yet most mesmerising form of performance.


    Opera involves vocalists enact dramatic plots via singing at high notes. There are several kinds of operas from comedic to emotional and can go on for hours. The characters in the opera plays are auditioned based on their voices more than their acting ability.


    The overture was first made to alert the audience to take their seats for the performances. But later, it found its own place in classical music. In operas, the overture was written in last to include a few themes related to the opera. Later in the 19th century, it was written separately as a piece of music in itself.  

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  • Gambling is a tradition that has been followed for years in different parts of the world. Some people like to enjoy it while some make their fortune with it. Gamblers have a very different perspective on how the things in the casinos work. Many gamblers believe in their luck rather than trusting the winning chances. Even the most rational gamblers have been seen to carry some sort of lucky charm with them. No gambler wants to take a risk in gambling when some superstition is said to make them lucky. There are different superstitions that are followed around the world between the gambling communities. Here are some famous ones which can be observed commonly among gamblers.

    The colour red

    China is home to the biggest gambling hub in the world. There has to be a big superstition which keeps gambling running in this country. Apparently, the colour red has made many lucky, which is why it is seen as the colour of prosperity and good luck. The gamblers in China can be seen wearing some red on their body, whether on the outside or on the inside. Several casinos in Macau have red rooms which are considered the luckiest by gamblers. good luck

    Crossing fingers

    This superstition is common among people around the world where they believe crossing fingers bring luck to one. Gamblers also want to believe in this myth, and you can see many players inside a casino crossing their fingers right before the outcome. They believe it will create more winning opportunities for them. On the other hand, crossing legs is considered bad luck. It means that the player is cancelling the luck that is coming towards him or her.

    To look or to look away

    There are two sides to this superstition which is followed very seriously by gamblers. While some believe one must not look at the outcome while the wheel is still spinning, others believe that one should not take their eyes away from the wheel. The slot players cover their screens with hands before the reel stops in order to get lucky.

    Lucky number 7

    The luckiest number in gambling and around the world, in general, is number 7. Ever heard the phrase “lucky number 7”? The number 7 symbolises enjoyment and prosperity in several cultures. Which is why even gamblers love number 7, and you can see casinos using this number almost everywhere they can to keep the luck inside. The players never miss a chance to place their bets on lucky number 7.

    Unlucky 13

    On the other hand, number 13 is considered the unluckiest number in gambling. It is said to bring bad luck to whoever that plays. It is a number which even the hotel rooms avoid to give to any guests, and the 13th floors of the hotels also remain empty. Gamblers become extra careful while playing around the number 13 as they do not want to mess their luck.