Asian Composers League | 6 Most Played Slot Games for Mobile Phones
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Slot Games

6 Most Played Slot Games for Mobile Phones

Slots have been one of the founding games of casinos. When they arrived, everyone saw big opportunities and got hooked instantly. Today there are thousands of slot games available in the casinos and on the internet. Poker Indo Asli Online casino websites are easy to access from any smart device. New slot games are introduced every month by these websites which offer a good theme and a lot of entertainment. As there are countless slot games available online, we have listed some of the favourites of the players that you can try.

Jackpot Party Casino

This slot game is one of the highest-rated platforms on Android which offer over a hundred situs judi slot online games. It is free to download and offers daily bonuses to help you get that extra boost. You can try every game for the next few days and pick your favourite ones. Even if you get hooked, it is free to play and does not involve any money, so you can stop worrying about it.


Pirates of the Dark Seas

This bounty hunting game claims to be the highest paying online game that you can find. It has a massive gaming community which also approved that this game offers the best payouts on any mobile platform. The game offers high-quality graphics and daily bonuses to keep the game going. You can also play this game without the internet connection as it can update itself when connected back to the internet.

Golden HoYeah

Golden Hoyeah is one of the highest-rated slot game online according to the gaming community. It has high-quality graphics and entertaining theme which is unmatched in any other mobile slot game. You can get the feeling of playing in a real casino while hitting slots in this virtual game. The game is free to play and does not offer any money games.

Black Diamond Casino Stories

This slot game has plenty of trick in its sleeves. You can play games while enjoying a great storyline. There are several games with entertaining stories in this app, which can keep you entertained for days. There are several bonuses in the game, and it also hosts tournaments every week for players to win big.

Casino Stories

Pharaoh’s Way

Pharaoh’s way is an ancient civilization theme which offers a great storyline. It is rich in graphics and offers players heavy bonuses during the games which keep the players hooked in the game for longer. It is a 5-reel system game which offers 243 ways of winning the game, which is plenty of entertainment from a single game.

777 Slots

777 is a classic old school slot game that has been brought to video game platform. It is now available on the internet with the same game rules and themes. It has daily tournaments and offers free spins and bonuses every 4 hours. You also get a welcome bonus when you register for the game. It offers in-app purchases, in case you run out of your playing money. You cannot cash out real money from this game.


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